Brother Mule is a musical conversation between Brian Wicklund and Ben Winship - two gifted acoustic musicians and songwriters. In concert, Wicklund ignites the stage with his fiery fiddling while Winship plays tasty mandolin as he croons one of his finely crafted songs.  The bandmates share the spotlight in a circus of extraordinary talent and variety showcasing original and traditional vocals and instrumentals - spanning genres of swing, old time, Celtic, old country and acoustic funk.  

     Their debut recording, Big Twang, earned them the Indie Music Award’s Best Americana CD of 2005. The follow up, Jawbone, has received rave reviews and international airplay. Through performances from England to Alaska, radio play and frequent workshop engagements, Brother Mule continues to win smiles and fans wherever they travel.

     While Winship and Wicklund are the founding members of Brother Mule, they are frequently joined by the one and only Eric Thorin on upright bass. Thorin has pushed the boundaries of the bass in a multitude of styles and adds experience, depth and energy to whatever ensemble he’s playing with.

With their fantastic humour and first class musicianship, it’s no wonder Brother Mule were a massive hit of the 28th Shetland Folk Festival. With their blend of old time bluegrass, country, swing and celtic influenced genres - Brother Mule went down an absolute storm with the islands’ audiences. They are, without a doubt, three of the finest, nicest and most talented individuals I’ve ever met.”


                                                                     - Mhari Pottinger, Shetland Folk Festival Committee

“If you aren’t tapping your feet to that music, you’re dead.”

                                                                     - Michael Bolton, Homer, AK